About Us


“The band brings a touch of psychedelic meets 90s indie rock to its joyful look. But that joy seems to have a layer of darkness simmering under it.” - Omar Kasrawi, Pancakes and Whiskey

The smell of cold earth drying on leather boots. Driving old cars fast down deserted mountain roads. Storm clouds and brittle sunbeams. This is the essence of KITARI, an NYC based alternative rock band comprised of three childhood friends raised in the Catskill Mountains. Equally inspired by the Who, U2 and the Chili Peppers, the high-energy power trio combine dark, infectious melodies with epic, driving, spaced-out rock.

After playing in bands together throughout middle and high school, Ram Stamos (above left, drums), Adam Weyant (above center, guitar, vocals) and Jared Rinaldi (above right, vocals, bass and keys) went their separate ways, each having to endure some combination of homelessness, bad relationships, dead-end jobs and run-ins with the law. Ultimately, it was a renewed focus on their undeniable artistic chemistry and the music born of it that got them on track again.

After writing and recording their debut EP as the newly christened KITARI, the band began playing shows in and around NYC. To date, they’ve rocked stages at such esteemed venues as Mercury Lounge, Arlene’s Grocery, Bar Matchless, the Shrine and Bowery Electric to name only a few. They’ve also received airplay on Radio Woodstock and have been featured in Pancakes and Whiskey.

What’s next for the band? December 27th marks the Kitari’s EP release show at the Mercury Lounge in anticipation of their newest music hitting all major music platforms on New Years Day, 2018. Entitled “The Breath of Empty Space,” the EP will feature a reworked version of one of Kitari’s most popular songs, “The Scarecrow & the Manor,” as well as four other songs that run the gamut from ambient to nostalgic to hard-rocking and everything in between. Following the release, the band will embark on a ten day tour of New England and head to Austin in March to play SXSW.